JavaScript Developer
Denver, CO


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in-Check is a notecard application that quizzes you on a specified interval throughout the day with a text message of a term. in-Check's text messaging system is interactive and helps the user keep their study terms fresh.

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Knetic Synthesizer

Knetic is a fully functioning synthesizer created from scratch with the Web Audio API. Knetic was built with the following technologies: the Web Auido API, Web Midi API, MongoDB, Tuna.js, React.js, and Monk.

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@Home is a property management application designed to make renting your properties out to tenants easier. @Home was built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, nodeJS, Express, Handlebars, JSON Web Tokens, Knex, postgreSQL, and REST.

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Star Wars Legend

Star Wars Legend is an interactive web app that condenses prominent events, people, and places into one location. Star Wars Legend uses the Star Wars API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, AJAX, and JSON.